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Each year ARVO gives travel grants to the Chapter Affiliates to support young researchers and ophthalmologists with accepted abstracts for the Annual ARVO Meeting. Since 2010 SEE ARVO has regular participation with scientific posters of young ophthalmologists – SEE-ARVO Grant recipients at ARVO Annual Meetings.

2011 – Travel Grant Recipient: Dr. Y. Kirilova (Bulgaria)

2012 – Travel Grant Recipient: Dr. S. Davidovich (Serbia) with Poster: “Systemic erythropoietin and its role in diabetic retinopathy”

2013 – Travel Grant Recipient: Dr. G. Markov (Bulgaria) with Poster: “Immunomodulatory Therapy and Multiple Sclerosis Associated Uveitis”

2015 – Travel Grant Recipient: Dr. I. Georgiev (Bulgaria) with Poster: “Beneficial effect of anti-VEGF treatment in various rare retinal diseases.”

2017 – Travel Grant Recipient: Dr. Peter Sapundzhiev (Bulgaria) with Poster: „Ophthalmological parameters could indicate the safety of nanomembrane plasmapheresis with relapsing- remitting form of Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) during remission and Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO).

2018 – Travel Grant Recipients: Dr. Albert Lula (Albania)

Dr. Y. Kirilova at ARVO Annual Meeting 2011

Dr. Y. Kirilova at ARVO Annual Meeting 2011

Dr. S. Davidovich at ARVO Annual Meeting 2012

Dr. Ivan Georgiev at ARVO Annual Meeting 2015